Comprehensive Research. Strategic thinking. Meticulous Development

By understanding your eCommerce needs and target audience, we leverage our expertise, resources, and capabilities to produce custom eCommerce solutions that are designed for success. Wherever you are in your eCommerce journey, 18th Digitech empowers you to reach your goals.

  • UI/UX Design

    Design has a major role in building a captivating interactive experience for customers, and we understand its potential. A creative and functional UI/UX design helps a business standout. We utilise our industry knowledge, experience and research to build UI and UX designs that speak to your target audience, and convert a website visitor into a sale.

  • Website Development

    Stand apart from the crowd of template-based eCommerce sites with an online store developed specifically for your brand, with your desired features. At 18th Digitech, our qualified front-end and back-end developers work cohesively to incorporate the latest technology into your eCommerce solution. The result? High performing custom websites that are ready for success.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is vital for any online business, capable of making or breaking a brand. At 18th Digitech, we follow a personalised and innovation-driven approach, starting by understanding and identifying the key to increasing sales engagement for your business. We combine our experience with actionable data and creativity to create campaigns that bring your target customers to you.

  • Content Creation

    Content is still king and is at the foundation of every successful online business. We provide engaging and SEO-optimised content that is designed to increase exposure, build brand awareness, and attract visitors to your site. Our in-house team of skilful writers create content that matches your brand tone and appeals to your target audience, establishing you as an authority.

  • Online Strategy

    A business without a reliable digital presence might as well be invisible for consumers, while a shabby online strategy can damage your reputation. Reach a wider range of customers and ace your first impressions with 18th Digitech. Our marketing experts create an online strategy that is targeted for your business, customers, and goals, supporting continuous growth and success of your brand.

  • Maintenance Services

    Any eCommerce site, small, medium or large, needs ongoing care and technical support for smooth and problem-free operations. Whether it is day-to-day troubleshooting or version upgrades and performance monitoring, leave your technical worries to us. At 18th Digitech, we ensure regular maintenance and optimisation of your site with minimal downtime for peak efficiency and maximum success.

Smart Tools We Use to Ignite and Complete Digital Transformation

At 18th Digitech we make sure that we use the best tools for the job, to provide you with the best eCommerce solutions. Our experience and the most innovative tools in the industry combine to provide you with results that keep your sales soaring.

Want to know how we can help your business grow?

If you feel a spark of curiosity or inspiration, connect with us and explore the immense possibilities in front of you. Regardless of where you are in your eCommerce journey, we are here for you.