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OEM eCommerce: A synopsis

Increase your growth over time and success in OEM eCommerce by utilizing targeted B2B solutions with 18th DigiTech.

Original Equipment Manufacturers, commonly called OEMs, could profit tremendously from a dependable eCommerce website. Since OEM customers are increasingly turning to online shopping, this market is prime for new merchants. With a specialist OEM wholesale eCommerce website, you'll be able to gain new customers and boost sales.

18th DigiTech provides customized OEM eCommerce websites with specific B2B functions designed to cater to business buyers' purchasing habits and needs. With Complete end-to-end eCommerce solutions, we offer robust OEM online eCommerce platforms that evolve with your company's brand.

An OEM eCommerce website needs to connect with customers and earn their trust. Through the 18th DigiTech solutions, you will be able to reach your goals.

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Devoted B2B eCommerce Features to Drive OEM Sales

Make a significant impression on OEM buyers with exclusive B2B features.

B2B eCommerce has recently witnessed massive developments and has been evolving with unique features targeting business customers. OEM retailers have a wide range of features to increase sales and customer loyalty.

18th DigiTech has years of experience in the development of wholesale eCommerce and also for custom-designed OEM eCommerce websites. We use cutting-edge technologies and modify them to meet your specific market and target customers. With a customized solution for your brand, you'll be able to boost sales.

The most popular special features for OEM eCommerce websites are:

3D Product Images

Offer buyers a real shopping experience by providing high-quality 3D images of products that aid OEM buyers in picturing the products they want to purchase.

Detailed Specifications

Answer all the questions buyers might ask about your product's specifications, including dimensions, installation, and compatibility.

Corporate Accounts

Give business buyers secure access to corporate accounts that can be used safely by several employees within a single company.

Personalised Prices

OEM wholesale customers expect Personalised pricing, especially for large or expensive purchases. Help them by facilitating them through a custom quote system.

Workflow Approvals

High-value or high-volume purchases made by OEM buyers usually require multiple approvals that workflow-based approvals systems can support.

Customer Segmentation

Give customers Personalised services and promotions through your OEM eCommerce website with detailed segmentation of the customers you want to reach.

Secure Payments

The payment methods for B2B purchases usually differ from those for B2C purchases. Support methods include payment orders made on the OEM wholesale eCommerce website.

Repeat Purchases

Engage customers and facilitate them to make repeat purchases through reminders and messages based on past purchases and ease rapid purchase repeats.

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Top eCommerce Platforms for OEM Online Stores

Power your OEM eCommerce website with the appropriate platform.

OEM eCommerce websites have an exclusive target market with specific expectations. The wholesale eCommerce platform you choose to use affects the performance of the OEM website, the products you offer customers and the management tools you'll profit from.

To ensure long-term success, you require an eCommerce platform that is right for you.

18th DigiTech has more than 10 years of experience in the eCommerce market, with an extensive understanding of the leading eCommerce platform and features. We assist you in finding the best eCommerce system for your OEM website that's flexible, adaptable, and strong.

The top eCommerce websites using OEM eCommerce websites include:

  • Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Commerce)
  • Magento Open Source
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify Plus

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18th DigiTech Offerings for OEM eCommerce

Connect, convert and engage customers using a robust and optimized OEM eCommerce site with 18th DigiTech.

A popular B2B industry, OEM eCommerce websites require a Personalised design, powerful features, and a seamless user experience for success.

18th DigiTech creates customized B2B eCommerce websites specifically designed for OEM merchants. We provide specialized features to increase sales. We develop small, medium and large eCommerce solutions with accreditations in Adobe, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify Plus.

Our most popular solutions for OEM eCommerce include:

  • B2B eCommerce Consultation

    The success of OEM eCommerce is dependent on a well-thought-out strategy. 18th DigiTech consultancy services combine the latest technology with innovation to develop strategies that yield results.

  • B2B eCommerce Designing

    The appearance that you choose for your OEM eCommerce website should hook customers. Our B2B eCommerce design services create attractive and valuable web designs.

  • Custom B2B eCommerce Development

    OEM eCommerce development should be robust and reliable to ensure speedy and smooth service. 18th DigiTech skilled developers will create an eCommerce website.

  • UI/UX and Customer Experience Revision

    For the best results for your OEM eCommerce website, make revisions and improve your website's UX/UI and customer experience with 18th DigiTech.

  • Integrations and Extensions

    Enhance the capabilities of your eCommerce website with customer-facing features as well as management with 18th DigiTech extensions and integrations for eCommerce.

  • Omnichannel Solutions

    Customers can be reached through various sales channels and boost sales using 18th DigiTech OEM Omnichannel solutions that allow you to create and integrate other selling channels.

  • eCommerce Support and Maintenance

    Enjoy uninterrupted eCommerce sales and operations with the 18th DigiTech Support and Maintenance Services that swiftly solve issues 24/7.

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Original Equipment Manufacturing is a significant industry used by businesses of all kinds to procure items. Making the switch to an online platform could transform the sales opportunities for OEM merchants, giving them an increased number of clients and ensuring consistent sales.

18th DigiTech offers specialized OEM eCommerce solutions tailored to match your product range and brand, allowing you to extend your brand's reach. Integrating the latest trends in eCommerce with the most advanced functions that exceed the expectations of customers, we provide OEM eCommerce platforms that are flexible and long-lasting.

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