Setup and Speed Optimisation

Improve the performance of your Magento store, with our site audit and optimisation. We review the coding, architecture, database and server settings so that you can be certain that your Magento site is performing at optimal levels. Attract new customers, improve the customer experience, and boosts conversion rates and sales with a fast and well performing site.

Website Maintenance & Bug Fixes

Website maintenance is an on-going task. Make it simpler and more effective with our Magento website management and support. We can provide you with ad-hoc or ongoing support, monitor your website to proactively predict, and prevent any issues that your Magento store might face. If an issue does arise, we are here to fix any concern quickly and without hassles.

Security Patches & Upgrades

Maximise the potential of Magento by keeping your store up-to-date with latest upgrades and security patches to protect your business and customer data. We help you make your Magento store secure by implementing the latest security patches and applying upgrades as required.

The World of eCommerce is Evolving

  • Rapidly changing technology
  • More demanding shoppers
  • Complex buying behaviours
  • Global competition

The increasingly competitive eCommerce environment of today is intensifying the challenges commerce leaders face in achieving lasting success.

The solution?

A capable and qualified eCommerce agency.


Online shoppers expect an engaging and robust eCommerce experience


Mobile users abandon sites that take 3+ seconds to load


Higher conversion rates when online shoppers are engaged with personalised recommendations

Are you fully satisfied with your current Magento Support?

Ongoing support and maintenance can make a big difference in the performance of your eCommerce site and help you improve your bottom line. With proper support you have minimum downtime, proactive prevention of issues, quick resolution of unexpected problems, and an overall fast performing website. If you are not convinced your current supplier is the best for your needs, then it may be time to move on.

Our capable team can takeover the maintenance and support of your Magento store at any time, offering your site the support it deserves. Support and maintenance plans are customised to suit the needs of your business, boosting your success potential.

Support for Magento 1 & Magento 2

We don’t discriminate between Magento 1 & 2. Whatever support and maintenance your Magento store needs, we are here to provide. Our team is qualified and experienced in supporting Magento 1 and Magento 2 based eCommerce stores, so that your store can offer the best performance to your customers.

Enhance your eCommerce capabilities & customer experience. Choose to migrate to Magento 2

Contact us for more details and get started with our Magento migration package to grow the success of your eCommerce site.

18th Digitech - Adobe Gold Magento Commerce Solution Partner

  • Over 10 years of experience in successfully serving clients around the world with creative and specialised IT solutions
  • Equipped with capable Magento 2 Certified Professional Developers, Cloud Developers and Solution Specialists
  • Expertise in delivering, implementing, and maintaining end-to-end enterprise e-commerce
  • Dedicated Project Managers exclusively for each individual client project
  • Extensive support for a smoothly functioning Magento store, including day-to-day troubleshooting, performance monitoring and optimization
  • 24x7 Availability and Operations

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Get an edge in the competitive eCommerce market and realise your full potential with our brilliant customised Magento development services and reliable on-going support.

Why choose us?

Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialists

Every business is unique and so should be their solution. Our certified Magento Solution Specialists guide you through the robust capabilities of Magento eCommerce, providing you with the best solution for your business goals.

Magento 2 Certified Developers

With our team of Certified Magento Developers, we bring to you dedicated Magento eCommerce Design & Development Services, suited for your business and target market.

Magento Integration Experts

We have dedicated experts that can effectively integrate your Magento store with third-party CRM & ERP systems, streamlining eCommerce and offline operations seamlessly.

Magento Support & Maintenance

Our support does not end with development, but extends throughout your store lifecycle. From installing security patches to applying Magento upgrades, and resolving site response & performance issues, we provide you with the uninterrupted access to expert guidance and assistance you need for a smoothly running online store.

Our Successful Magento 2 Implementations