Magento Support

Is your Magento site receiving the support it needs?

Your Magento eCommerce site has gone live, or will shortly. What’s missing? Robust support tailored for the Magento platform.

With our customised Magento support and maintenance, you can leave your operational worries to us, and focus on your eCommerce growth. Don’t let any maintenance issues come in the way of the success of your business. With 18th Digitech, you can rely on our team of certified Magento developers. We proactively protect your online store, reactively fix problems, and address any issues you may face. If you are not satisfied with your current Magento support provider, it might be time to move on.

Every Magento store requires regular updates, maintenance and support for optimum performance. From necessary security patches, to optional updates and new features, periodic updates help you tap into the potential of Magento. Specialised Magento support services are designed for Magento eCommerce sites. We are fully prepared and experienced in solving any issue you may face with your eCommerce store. In addition, we identify any aspect that might be holding back your growth, incorporate latest features for better operations, and upgrade you to the latest version of Magento.


Why You Need Magento Support

Magento is a reliable platform, without a doubt. But even the best websites need a little TLC, particularly transactional websites. That is where Magento support from 18th Digitech comes in. After all the effort, time, and money you pour into your eCommerce business, any security breach, unexpected downtime, errors, or malfunctions can damage your brand image.

Instead of searching community pages or setting up an in-house support team for the help that you need, outsource your Magento support needs to us. Through our Magento support services, we help prevent and fix any issues quickly and effectively. Our Magento certified team is available round-the-clock to solve any problems you might face with minimal disruption to business operations.

With years of experience in designing, developing, and supporting Magento-based sites, we keep your site up-to-date and ready to take on competition. Don’t wait for problems to arrive to seek out their solution in advance. Enjoy and benefit from the latest Magento features and provide them to your customers with our robust Magento support. Whether you have had a Magento site for years, have recently launched one, or are planning to start, its never too late or too soon to find reliable Magento support.

Magento support is a lot more than simply fixing bugs; it includes:

Proactive Support

Prevention is always better than cure, and proactive support does just that for your Magento site. Before there is any breakdown or malfunction, we proactively support your online store with all the latest updates, pre-emptively avoiding future problems. All the periodical releases from Magento are updated with minimum disturbance to your site performance. By staying updated with latest Magento releases, you can benefit from new state-of-the-art features and customised integrations. At 18th Digitech, we believe in full transparency and every change is discussed and cleared by you.

Reactive Support

Big problems often start out small, and can slip past even the most careful of eyes. Our Magento support services include regular audits and scans of your entire Magento store, spotting even the smallest of issues and fixing them before they become a problem. We conduct comprehensive health checks and audits such as performance audits, usability audits, SEO audits and code audits. By identifying and repairing issues as soon as they arise, they will have a minimal, if any, impact on your eCommerce operations. At 18th Digitech, Magento support services are customised for your brand.

Responsive Support

Visible problems, errors and crashes on your Magento site can cost you money and damage your brand image. When there is a Magento emergency, you need reliable and quick solutions. That’s where we come in. With years of experience in Magento development and support, we can quickly solve any critical problem or issue that comes up. Our Magento certified specialists at 18th Digitech are available 24/7 and with dedicated experience in Magento, they know how to deal with problems that arise.

Magento Support Services We Provide

With our comprehensive Magento support services, you can focus entirely on your business performance, and leave the technical support to us. Based on your business size, niche, and requirements, you can choose from the wide range of Magento support services we provide to formulate a custom package. Our priority at 18th Digitech is customer satisfaction, so whatever your Magento needs are, you can reach out to us to discuss a tailor-made solution. Our Magento support and maintenance services are:

  • Performance Audit

    For operational Magento eCommerce sites, an in-depth performance audit reveals the complete health, capabilities, and functionalities of the online store. The 18th Digitech team conducts health checks, and examines the usability, user-friendliness, user-experience, navigation, and other aspects of the site. This performance audit serves as a guide map, identifying the aspects of your site that need immediate or eventual assistance.

  • SEO Audit

    We perform dedicated SEO audits that check your entire Magento site for the quality of its SEO capabilities, and also recommend solutions. Magento has dedicated features for SEO, but even a robust site can miss out on customers if the SEO is poor. SEO is a key component in the success of your Magento eCommerce site and a tool you should utilise.

  • Site Optimisation

    Customers expect speed from an eCommerce site, and we help you deliver. Site optimisation carefully studies your Magento site to examine its operational and performance speed, identifying areas of improvement. The 18th Digitech team then helps in streamlining the backend and overall Magento site, optimising its operations. As a result, you get a faster site and happier customers.

  • Security Patches and Security Maintenance

    As a transactional site, security is paramount, and any leaks, cyberattacks or hacking can be disastrous. By monitoring your security maintenance and implementing all relevant security patches, we fully secure your Magento site. Cyber attacks may become smarter, but we stay one step ahead with our thorough research so that there are no compromises when it comes to your Magento store security. Despite all precautions, if any issue or concern does come up, we smoothly move into action to repair and fix the problem.

  • Magento Updates

    Magento regularly releases updates for its software to enhance existing capabilities of Magento sites, equipping them to face competition. Stay on top of all new Magento updates by letting us take over. We keep track of all new Magento updates and can efficiently incorporate them into your site with minimal disruptions to site operations.

  • Added Integrations and Customisations

    Inherently flexible and customisable, new integrations and customisations can always be added to your Magento site. Our Magento team at 18th Digitech can easily integrate any new compatible features or functionalities that you desire, personalising your Magento site to your needs. Unsure what integrations to add? No worries, we explain and discuss available features and capabilities that you can consider.

  • Ad hoc Troubleshooting

    Imperfections are to be expected in an eCommerce site, and problems may crop up regularly. With our ad hoc troubleshooting services, you can quickly resolve any issues or concerns, preventing them from turning into larger problems. Whether there are delays in page loading, unexpected error messages, or any other concern, we have a solution.

  • Emergency Support and Maintenance

    We understand that a major problem or issue with your Magento site is an emergency, and we treat it with importance. Unexpected downtime or crashes can result in lost revenue and need prompt resolution. Our experienced Magento professionals are available 24/7 to solve your emergency eCommerce problems on priority, and restore regular functioning.

  • Magento eCommerce Consultations

    By levering our in-depth experience in Magento end-to-end development, we can guide you on how to improve your eCommerce site further. From your KPIs to conversion rates, user interface and overall design, an outside view from knowledgeable Magento solutions experts help you refine your eCommerce site for greater success. Our Magento eCommerce consultations guide you on how to proactively make your site better.

Why Hire Us for Your Magento Support

A Magento Certified development agency, 18th Digitech has over 9 years of hands-on experience in providing end-to-end eCommerce solutions and Magento support. As a Professional Magento Solution Partner and Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner, we use our extensive knowledge of the Magento platform to give you reliable, fast, and efficient support.

The 18th Digitech team includes multiple Magento Certified Developers, Magento 2 Certified Professional Developers, Solution Specialists, Professional Cloud Developers, and Digital Marketing Experts. Our in-depth knowledge of the eCommerce market and its functionalities enable us to make sure your Magento site operates at optimum capabilities and is future-ready. Routinely studying the market, new eCommerce trends and Magento releases keeps us up-to-date and able to offer you the best support.

Here is why you should hire us for your Magento support:

Understanding of Magento

Magento is an immensely complex eCommerce platform, and despite being open source, it needs technical understanding to develop, operate, and manage. Our team of Certified Magento developers maintain active certifications, and are fully aware of new Magento features, issues, problems and concerns. Knowledge of Magento is vital for effective Magento support service and as developers, we understand the foundation of Magento sites, helping us quickly and efficiently solve issues.

When you choose us for Magento support, you can rest assured that your eCommerce site is in good hands. We monitor and track every update and release shared by Magento, and plan the best way to implement required changes for your site. Our recommendations for your site are based on solid facts, Magento knowledge, and data revealed from extensive audits and checks. Whatever stage your Magento site is in, we find compatible solutions to improve and enhance your site.

Every Type of Support

The ideal care for your Magento site would include proactive, reactive, and responsive support. At 18th Digitech, we offer all types of Magento support services with excellent reliability. By outsourcing your entire Magento support to us, you can confidently focus on business operations without worrying about troubleshooting. Our capable team proactively analyses your Magento site to find scope for improvement that make sense for your business goals.

Our goal is to provide you with the Magento support you need, acting as a conduit between the Magento platform and you so that your site can succeed and grow. This includes preventing problems, spotting and repairing issues, and solving any emergencies. With careful monitoring, we can quickly spot and repair any issues that arise before they become major problems. As technology evolves, your Magento site will keep up with the trends and continue to offer reliable performance with our support.

Full Availability 24/7

When an unexpected problem arises with your Magento site, you need support and a solution, and you need it fast. We understand the importance of speed in Magento support as site delays and crashes can drastically impact your business. Depending upon the timing, your losses can be minor or major. Prevent significant losses with our Magento support by your side. Our teams are ready 24/7 and are experienced with most commonly occurring Magento issues. We assign a single point of contact to make it easier for you to reach out when you need help.

Whenever you need Magento support, you can directly reach out to us and expect a prompt response and speedy resolution. We keep you in the loop, and updated with the situation at all times. Even if the problem is complex, we strive to return your Magento site to a functional state while we work on any underlying issues. With our reliable Magento support, you can offer your customers the same reliability from your eCommerce site, and establish your reputation as a steady platform.

Customised Plans

Every eCommerce site is unique, even if they use the same Magento platform. Our Magento support services are customised to match your needs and expectations. With experience of developing and supporting Magento sites across a wide range of industries, we understand the uniqueness of every business. It is entirely up to you whether you want only emergency support, audits, troubleshooting, updates, or any combination of Magento support services.

Numerous factors can influence your Magento support needs: how long your site has been live, the level of competition in your niche, and the average traffic your site gets. While new sites may yet have to work out some bugs, older sites can benefit from new updates and integrations. If your traffic is on the rise, the technical capabilities may need revision. A simple consultation with us, and you can decide what Magento support services are ideal for you.

Why Work with Us

At 18th Digitech, we strive to help you succeed in achieving your eCommerce goals. As a one-stop solution for your eCommerce needs we provide eCommerce strategising, designing development, migration, maintenance, digital marketing services, and support. Our Magento services are designed to be comprehensive, all-inclusive, and customised for your business. Wherever you are in your eCommerce journey, we can help you achieve further growth.

Certified Professionals

As an end-to-end eCommerce development agency, we have a highly capable staff of certified professionals with dedicated teams for every aspect of the eCommerce journey. Meticulously selected and carefully guided, our teams are at the top of their game. Whatever you need help with, we have adequate resources to provide you with the best possible solutions. We supplement our extensive experience in Magento and overall eCommerce ecosystem with knowledge of latest updates and market trends.

Complete Transparency

With a customer centric approach, we believe in full transparency whatever the task may be. Every step is taken with your approval and understanding, explained to you in a manner that you can understand. We serve as a bridge between the technical support of Magento and your eCommerce site. Whether it is proactive protection or emergency support, we keep you updated. All our pricings are upfront, and there are no hidden costs involved.

Excellent Customer Support

Problems or concerns for your Magento site can come up at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 customer support. This is applicable on any issues with your Magento site and for any doubts or concerns that you may have. There will always be someone from our team to help you and alleviate your worries on anything from new Magento updates to recent bug fixes and site audits. Choose reliability and convenience with 18th Digitech for uninterrupted site performance and peace of mind.

Design and Development Services

An all-inclusive eCommerce development agency, we offer eCommerce design and development services. If you are not satisfied with the current layout, design, and features of your eCommerce site, we can redesign and revise your online store. With our support, you can fully customise an existing eCommerce site to match your vision, launch parallel online stores, and even create entirely new eCommerce sites. By diversifying your eCommerce presence with our help, you can reach a substantially higher number of customers.

Marketing Services

In addition to eCommerce development and support, we also provide specialised marketing services for eCommerce sites. Although Magento sites are SEO friendly and you can integrate supplemental marketing tools, there is no comparison to specialised digital marketing professionals. Enhance your reach, improve brand visibility, and increase conversions for your Magento site with our marketing services. We utilise actionable data insights and behavioural data to create custom campaigns that suit your niche and deliver results.


Our Process

Over the years, we have carefully honed and perfected our Magento support process, creating a meticulous system that provides complete reliability and effectiveness. While the general process remains the same, we customise the individual processes based on your Magento site and desired support services. Here is a glimpse into our overall Magento support process:

  • Understanding Your Needs

    Magento support services are customised to suit your eCommerce needs, and so the first and foremost step is to understand your support requirements. We analyse the current state of your Magento site (through our extensive website audit), your expectations for Magento support, and the overall niche. While responsive support in case of emergencies is straightforward, the proactive support for your site to improve its performance depends upon your preferences and industry competition.

  • Preparing for Emergency Support

    Proactive improvements and integrations can wait, but problems with your site such as crashes, hacks, cyberattacks, cannot. Any issue that interrupts smooth performance of your Magento site needs to be looked at and fixed ASAP. After understanding your Magento site, we set in place emergency and troubleshooting support available 24/7, whenever needed. By allocating resources for your Magento support, we prevent any delays in taking immediate action to restore your site to full operational capacity.

  • Creating a Plan of Action

    Once we know that emergency support has been taken care of, we focus on researching and brainstorming to come up with a plan of action for proactive Magento support. Based on your needs, we outline criterions such as operational performance, usability, SEO, overall health, and security. Our team compares the latest updates and releases from Magento with your current site to identify where improvements can be made, and we highlight suitable integrations and new features.

  • Comprehensive Audits

    With a general plan of action approved by you, it is time to focus on getting data. As a part of our process at 18th Digitech, we base our recommendations on firm data for maximum results. We conduct comprehensive audits, testing, and health checks on your Magento site on every desired aspect. This includes overall audit, performance checks, usability audits, code audits, and SEO audits. Building on the results, we give you clear recommendations on improvement.

  • Implementing Changes

    After the approval and go-ahead from you, we get to work implementing the desired changes. Security patches and updates are given the highest priority. For larger software updates, we schedule an appropriate time with you so that your Magento site has minimal interruptions. Our team guides you through all the new features and integrations, enabling you to gain familiarity with using the new capabilities. Every change is methodically tested and verified, thereby preventing operational errors.

  • Revise and Repeat

    Any type of Magento support is an ongoing process and is required long-term. At 18th Digitech, your feedback is given full importance and we continuously revise and evolve your Magento support, adapting to your eCommerce needs and preferences. We carefully measure the results and performance of implemented support services, analysing which measures have brought the most desired results. Data revision and your inputs help us in formulating more effective plans to reach desired eCommerce goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can any eCommerce support be used for my Magento site?

Answer: No. If you have an eCommerce site on the Magento platform, the technicalities, infrastructure, coding and other details will be unique for Magento. Although some general eCommerce techniques may work for Magento eCommerce sites, it is advisable to only use Magento-specific support for fast and effective results.

Q2: I am tech savvy. Can’t I support my Magento site myself?

Answer: There is an abundance of resources on Magento available online, including developer docs. So, while it is possible to try and support your own Magento site, it is most definitely not advisable. Magento support requirements are urgent, and spending time trying to diagnose and repair the problem yourself can delay the repair. Furthermore, there is a chance you might not be able to fix the issue. Hiring an in-house team is an option, but it can be quite expensive and require administrative efforts, particularly if you want 24/7 support. In comparison, outsourcing Magento support is fast, reliable, and cost-effective, and reduces pressure on you.

Q3: Is Magento support required for smaller sites?

Answer: Yes! Magento support is required for eCommerce sites of all sizes – small, medium, or large. Although the stakes might be higher for larger sites, especially if the site crashes or cannot be accessed, even for smaller businesses, downtime is never desirable. By having adequate Magento support from the beginning, you can confidently expand and grow your eCommerce business. The support services evolve with your changing requirements.

Q4: How much does Magento support and maintenance cost?

Answer: There is no one price for Magento support and maintenance services. The support and maintenance services are customised specifically for your eCommerce needs, and the costs can vary. The types of support you want, volume of traffic, and general condition of the Magento site will also influence the pricing. A consultation can help you understand the costs involved for your particular Magento site.


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