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Unlock the massive potential of eCommerce with Magento with a site that is robust and ready for success. Magento offers a wide spectrum of features and functionalities, but to maximise the capabilities of Magento, you need the right solutions partner. At 18th Digitech, our Magento certified professionals focus on creating Magento-powered eCommerce sites that are future-ready and personalised for your brand. We develop, test, deliver, and manage end-to-end eCommerce solutions that breathe life into your eCommerce vision.

  • Expert Magento Strategy

    A strong Magento strategy is the foundation of success for your eCommerce brand, and positions you for future growth and innovation. An idea alone is not enough; you need to have a game plan and that is where 18th Digitech comes in. With our years of experience in the eCommerce domain, hundreds of satisfied customers and extensive industry-specific knowledge, our expert advice transforms your idea into a strategy capable of withstanding competition. From initial brainstorming and commerce setup planning to design, technical implementation and integration recommendations, the strategy is tailor-made to your brand.

    • Commerce Strategy
    • Magento Consulting
    • Business Requirements Consulting
  • Building from scratch

    If you have a plan of action ready, it is time to build your eCommerce site and bring it to life. Our talented team uses their Magento expertise and experience to create your eCommerce site with user-centric UI and UX that speak to your target audiences. At 18th Digitech, our development process is fully flexible and consistently tested so that you get the maximum output. Our team of Magento certified designers and developers focus on creating the design and functionalities that you want in your eCommerce store. Throughout the process, you have active involvement and complete control, as your vision comes first.

    • Magento Design
    • Magento Development
  • Making the switch – migrate

    Are you fully satisfied with your existing eCommerce site? Is it setting you up for success or are you simply putting up with a subpar commerce platform? A poorly performing eCommerce platform is a recurring and unnecessary expense taking away from your business potential. Switch to Magento 2 for a better and more profitable eCommerce site that is scalable, powerful, easy to manage, and appealing to customers. Whether your online store is powered by another platform, or an older version of Magento, our certified developers can migrate your site to Magento 2 with minimal downtime and hassle.

    • Magento 2 Migration
    • Deployment and Testing

    In the race to get ahead of your competition, don’t let your eCommerce site maintenance hold you back. Even the best of online stores that are robust, user-friendly, and successfully drive profits, will need regular care. Outsource your concerns and site performance worries to 18th Digitech so we can take over the day-to-day monitoring of your site. From timely installing all the latest updates and security patches, to protecting against cyberattacks and integrating your desired third-party extensions for enhanced functionalities, with us, your site has full support. Let us focus on your site’s maintenance while you target success.

    • Support & Maintenance
    • Performance Audit

How does our Magento Service work?


    Our process begins with understanding the needs of the client, identifying current and future goals, and researching the target market, so that we can provide data-backed personalised solutions.

    • Meetings
    • Business Research
    • Goal and Need Identification
    • Competitive Analysis
  • PLAN

    Utilising insights and data gathered from the client, we brainstorm and plan a customised strategy for the development and optimisation of a new eCommerce website, outlining clear deliverables and timelines.

    • Brainstorming for Innovative Ideas
    • Establishing Blueprints and Sitemaps
    • Defining Milestones and Timelines
    • Sharing detailed proposal with clear deliverables with Client
  • Design

    We focus on your brand guidelines and target audience to create an aesthetic feel and UI/UX, with a detailed visual layout for the overall eCommerce site and all of the individual pages, complying with defined goals and requirements.

    • UI/UX Design
    • Page Layouts
  • Develop

    Development of your eCommerce site begins by certified Magento developers, with Magento-optimised hosting plans (if you are on Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce On-premise), detailed coding, and desired integrations, with QA testing throughout to verify performance at each stage.

    • Hosting setup
    • HTML/CSS/JS development
    • CRM, ERP integrations
    • Testing
  • Deliver

    After rigorous testing and reviews, we deliver and formally launch your completed eCommerce presence, with all the desired customisations and integrations, ready for use.

    • Review and Approval
    • Launch Process

    Maintain and manage the regular performance of your eCommerce site, ensuring regular updates and security patches for an optimally performing online store.

    • Performance Monitoring and Optimisation
    • Day-To-Day Troubleshooting
    • Magento Extension Customisation
    • Version Upgrades

Our Magento Expertise

There are millions of eCommerce websites currently available in the market, with many more new sites added every day. For a successful eCommerce venture that can beat the competition, you need something more – a professional edge. Capable and innovative developers are what can set your eCommerce site apart from the rest, launching you on a path towards success.

At 18th Digitech, we have over 9 years of extensive hands-on experience delivering 150+ projects across industries. Our team of certified Magento developers and designers are carefully handpicked for their skills and creativity, and undergo regular training and certifications to stay up to date with the market.

We are a certified professional Magento Solution Partner and a Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner, with Magento 2 Certified Professional Developers, Associate Developers, Solution Specialists, and Professional Cloud Developers.

Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist Magento Solution Partner Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner

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