Redesign your current website or create a new one using a comprehensive eCommerce home decor eCommerce solution tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

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Carry your home decor to new heights

Bring in customers, create sales and establish branding with a specialized home decor eCommerce website developed by 18th DigiTech.

Home decor is an enticing segment that is gaining popularity in the eCommerce world. It covers everything from tiny ornaments to furniture for your home and practical items; there is an array of choices to choose from.

18th DigiTech creates and provides the complete eCommerce solution and has years of experience with furniture and home decor eCommerce websites. Our home decor eCommerce solution is tailored to your products & brand image and targeted to your preferred audience.

Change the home decor customer's shopping experience by offering them an amazing eCommerce website developed by 18th DigiTech.

In search of an integrated and robust home decor ecommerce website? Get a sales-driven solution from 18th Digitech

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Bespoke Features for Home Décor eCommerce Websites and Customers

Create a lasting impression on the desired customers to attract and boost sales by implementing specialized features designed for home decor eCommerce websites

The home decor business has ripened as an independent and profitable business, with consumers actively seeking ways to increase the quality of your living space. Our custom-designed features allow you to provide customers with a pleasurable shopping experience that encourages retention.

18th DigiTech customizes and adjusts features to meet the demands of home decor eCommerce. The customized features enhance your brand and help you grow your business over the long term.

The most popular features are:

Comprehensive Product Descriptions

Use detailed product descriptions to provide all information that a buyer may need for any purchase of any value or size.

3D Images

Increase customer trust and purchases by providing 3D images of your products and allowing customers to envision the items for their homes.

Advanced Search and Filtering

Allow customers to communicate an easiness of purchase with advanced onsite search options and various filtering options aiding customers to find the products they want.

Easy Navigation

Let visitors easily navigate your online store for home decor and discover new items they might like.

Clear Policies

Give clear and concise guidelines on everything that pertains to the home décor eCommerce site, which includes prices, delivery, shipping and installation, usage, and aftercare.

Multiple Payment Options

Let customers complete the payment on your home-decoration eCommerce website using their preferred payment method and decrease abandoned carts.

Transparent Checkouts

Give customers an effortless checkout process to quickly complete transactions for the products they want and return to shop more.

Personalised Offers & Recommendations

Inspire otherwise reluctant buyers by offering personalised suggestions and offers in response to their browsing and buying history on your home decor eCommerce website.

Looking for a home decor ecommerce website targeted to your particular niche? Provide your customers with the latest features with the 18th Digitech

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Top eCommerce Platforms for Home Decor Websites

You require an eCommerce platform perfect for your brand to get the best results.

With the many eCommerce platforms available, selecting the best one isn't easy. However, selecting the best option is essential to obtaining the desired features, capacities, capabilities, and functions.

At 18th DigiTech, our team of experienced professionals are familiar with the top eCommerce platforms. We can assist you in choosing the ideal suitable one for your home decor brand. Selecting the best eCommerce platform gives your brand an advantage and helps reduce migration needs.

The top online platforms to sell home décor eCommerce sites include:

  • Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Commerce)
  • Magento Open Source
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify Plus

Go the ideal eCommerce platform for your home decor brand? With 18th Digitech, get an ecommerce platform that supports your brand's growth

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18th DigiTech Offerings for Home Decor eCommerce

The home décor industry is a booming area in eCommerce that needs a solution that reflects the brand's aesthetics.

At 18th DigiTech, we use our understanding of eCommerce and the most recent trends to provide a reliable home decor eCommerce solution. Accredited by Adobe, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify Plus, we equip home decor websites with the latest technology.

Our most popular services for home decor eCommerce include:

  • eCommerce Consultation

    18th DigiTech Home decor eCommerce consulting services develop strategies and action plans for your online store that yields long-lasting results.

  • B2B eCommerce Design and Development

    Cater to wholesale and business home decor buyers with the 18th DigiTech B2B eCommerce design and development services that offer an efficient B2B solution.

  • B2C eCommerce Design and Development

    Provide your customers with a user-friendly and stimulating interior decor eCommerce website with B2C eCommerce designing and developing services for your chosen platform.

  • UI/UX and Customer Experience Revision

    Set up your home decor eCommerce website with UI/UX and the customer experience that boosts sales by utilizing 18th DigiTech UX/UI and Revise services.

  • Marketplace Development

    Supports multiple vendors, a wide variety of products, and more customers with the 18th DigiTech home décor eCommerce marketplace development services.

  • Omnichannel Solutions

    Launch and integrate several sales channels into your home decor eCommerce website with 18th DigiTech Omnichannel solutions, giving customers a seamless online shopping experience.

  • eCommerce Support and Maintenance

    Profit from the 18th DigiTech rapid support and maintenance for your eCommerce site and provide your home decor eCommerce website with 24/7 support.

  • Looking for a complete home decor eCommerce website? Offer an optimised customer experience to help your brand grow

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Succinctly Put,

Home decor comprises an array of products, including small decorative items to more significant pieces of furniture and home management products. An eCommerce website gives you an adaptable and efficient method to sell home decor using an extensive catalogue and no limitations on space.

18th DigiTech can customize your home decor eCommerce solution to reflect your brand's vision and the particular products you plan to sell. Based on your expansion plans, we design an eCommerce site that can be scaled to maximize sales while easy administration and flexibility.

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