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Where Fashion and Technology Merge

Get into the lucrative fashion and apparel eCommerce market with customised solutions from 18th Digitech.

Perhaps the most adored eCommerce sector, the need for fashion and apparel online shopping is predicted to increase more rapidly in the near future. Versatile and with a huge consumer base, fashion and apparel provide a massive opportunity for success in eCommerce.

18th Digitech offers customised solutions for apparel and fashion eCommerce websites, using features focused on and developed for a specific niche. By focusing on merchandising, top-quality images, and a fully interactive user experience, you will get an eCommerce platform ready to serve customers.

With growing competition, 18th Digitech can equip your fashion and apparel eCommerce website with features that will boost growth.

Looking for fashion and apparel eCommerce solutions? With 18th Digitech, get a customised eCommerce that appeals to your customers

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Fashion-First Features for Success-Ready eCommerce Websites

Utilise specific features for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites to achieve desired results.

The advancements in eCommerce technology have led to the development of specific features designed especially for the fashion and apparel market. Designed to sell fashion and apparel products, these features showcase your items in the most appealing way.

Over-deliver on customer expectations and boost conversions by utilising specifically designed features for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites. 18th Digitech implements custom features for your fashion and apparel eCommerce solution that complements your brand and products. Various dedicated features are offered for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites.

Top-of-the-line features:

Engaging and Interactive UI and UX

Attractive and interactive eCommerce websites with optimised UX/UI designed specifically for fashion and apparel buyers significantly attract new customers.

Personalised Recommendations

Personalised suggestions generated by AI can be useful for up-selling, cross-selling and increasing the average order value on clothing and fashion eCommerce sites.

Mobile Commerce

Allowing browsing and shopping via mobile phones is an efficient method for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites to expand their visibility and sales.

Flexible Promotions

Regular and well-known promotions are essential to fashion and apparel eCommerce websites. Flexible promotions feature allows quick implementation of promotional strategies.

Virtual Try-Ons

Virtual try-on options using virtual and augmented reality help customers see fashion and other items before purchase, making purchases more expensive and decreasing returns.

Seamless Checkouts

Seamless checkouts on apparel and fashion eCommerce websites allow conversions, reduce abandonment rates, and are geared towards customers looking to purchase fashion and apparel products quickly.

Wish Lists

Wish lists increase customer engagement and allow customers to save items they may want to buy in the near future on apparel and fashion eCommerce sites.

High Quality Images

Powering fashion and apparel eCommerce websites with high-quality, quick-loading images boosts the popularity of items and boosts customer sales and satisfaction.

Looking to gain on the latest eCommerce trend? 18th Digitech utilises dedicated features for your fashion and apparel eCommerce website

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Prominent eCommerce Platforms for Fashion & Apparel Solutions

The choice of eCommerce platform determines your capabilities and potential.

Fashion and apparel are one of the top niches in eCommerce. Therefore, eCommerce platforms offer specialised solutions that cater to customers interested in fashion and apparel.

At 18th Digitech, we tailor the platform you select as per your business needs, creating a cohesive solution that drives sales. Our expert team assists you through the process of choosing and implementing an appropriate solution for your fashion and apparel eCommerce website.

Top platforms for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites are:

  • Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Commerce)
  • Magento Open Source
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify Plus

Decided on the right platform for your fashion and apparel eCommerce website? Get in touch with us to boost its existing capabilities

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18th Digitech Offerings for Fashion & Apparel

With years of experience developing fashion and apparel eCommerce sites, 18th Digitech is well-versed with the market and can customise the suited features.

Accredited with certifications in Adobe Commerce, Magento, and BigCommerce, with certifications in BigCommerce, Magento, Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify Plus, we provide robust eCommerce solutions that are ready for sales. Our services are customisable and can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Our most popular services include:

  • eCommerce Consultation

    18th Digitech consultation and strategizing services are focused on delivering a plan of action for achieving your goals in eCommerce.

  • eCommerce Designing

    Our eCommerce design services create unique and seamless designs for your fashion and apparel eCommerce site that distinguish your business.

  • Complete eCommerce Development

    18th Digitech provides complete design and development of fashion and apparel eCommerce websites crafted with the features you want and the latest trends.

  • Customer Experience and UI/UX Revision

    Make sure you offer your users an enjoyable UI/UX and a pleasant customer experience using our fashion and apparel eCommerce website redesign services.

  • Marketplace Development

    Allows multiple vendors to be supported and a broader customer base with fashion and apparel marketplace eCommerce solution developed by 18th Digitech.

  • Omnichannel Solutions

    Give customers a stylish apparel omnichannel shopping experience using the 18th Digitech smooth development process and integration of multiple sales channels.

  • eCommerce Support and Maintenance

    18th Digitech offers professional 24/7 support and maintenance for the continuous operation of your fashion or apparels eCommerce website.

  • Are you ready to design and launch a thriving eCommerce site for fashion and clothing? Do you want to expand your capabilities?

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Match the vibe and vision of your fashion brand, and reach target customers with our fashion & apparel online stores.

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Why 18th Digitech for Fashion & Apparel eCommerce Solutions?

  • 11+Years of Experience
  • 30+Technical Expertise
  • 200+Innovative Implementations

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Create your brand and build an established customer base with the latest fashion and apparel products from 18th Digitech. Give your customers a fun and secure shopping experience that earns their confidence.

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