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Everything about eCommerce marketplace

Sell more and sell faster with an eCommerce marketplace that supports multiple vendors.

Online marketplaces offer massive benefits for merchants and customers. With multiple sellers, customers get a wider variety, and marketplaces get higher sales. Easy to manage and popular amongst customers, an eCommerce marketplace is fully scalable. Feature sellers that match your vision, with individual sellers managing their inventory and fulfilment.

18th DigiTech offers specialised designing and development of eCommerce marketplace websites that showcase multiple vendors effectively. We develop B2C and B2B eCommerce marketplace solutions for all industries and niches, with a flexible setup that enables easy addition and removal of vendors.

Lucratively and lively, eCommerce marketplaces can be operated independently or in addition to a core eCommerce website. Fully customisable, you can choose the design, style, format and features of your online marketplace.

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Versatile and Profitable eCommerce Marketplace Solutions for Every Industry and Niche

Create a one-stop shopping destination for your target customers with a versatile marketplace solution from 18th DigiTech.

Marketplaces are hugely in demand, with giants such as Amazon and eBay leading the industry. Most customers start their shopping journey with a search on a marketplace. Beyond famous generic marketplaces, niche-specific marketplace solutions have vast potential.

With the evolution of eCommerce technology, you can successfully operate your own marketplace.

Even without your own merchandise and supply chain, you can still sell online through vendors and an eCommerce marketplace solution. As and when your capabilities grow, you can add or expand your own product lines on your marketplace.

Here are some of the top benefits of an eCommerce marketplace

Increased Catalogue Size

With an online marketplace, there are no limits on the number of vendors and products you can support. According to your preferences, you can add on new vendors, increasing your catalogue size exponentially.

Lower Operational Expenses

Regardless of the number of vendors you facilitate or the number of products, you have low operational expenses. As vendors manage their merchandising, orders, and fulfilment, you cut down on operational costs dramatically.

Easy Income Source

An online marketplace can be configured to provide you with a cut of every sale, order, or flat rates per vendor. Without selling your own products, you can generate an easy source of income.

Customisable UI/UX

New eCommerce marketplace platforms support complete customisation of the UI/UX. You can configure a general design and enable vendors to set up their own pages, providing customers with a seamless and intriguing CX.


Vast Customer Reach

Every new vendor expands the customer reach of your overall online marketplace. By supporting varied vendors, you can increase customer reach and sales by catering to the interests and preferences of different customer segments.

Enhanced Conversions and Customer Loyalty

When customers can find multiple brands and sellers on your marketplace, they are likelier to convert quickly and return again. With multiple vendors you gain customer trust without requiring them to research competitors.

Excellent Competitiveness

An online marketplace combines the capabilities of multiple sellers into one cohesive solution, increasing your competitiveness multi-fold. With multiple brands in one place, you gain an edge, increasing your sales and market positioning.

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18th DigiTech Marketplace Offerings

Leverage cutting-edge technologies and eCommerce market trends with 18th DigiTech.

With our years of experience in delivering eCommerce solutions, 18th DigiTech has the capabilities to provide you with a robust eCommerce marketplace platform. Certified in Adobe Commerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify Plus, we customise your marketplace solution to meet your needs.

Marketplace solutions at 18th DigiTech are diverse, and are adapted to suit your needs, niche, and target audience. Based on your preferences, we create a tailored plan to achieve your goals.

Among the top eCommerce marketplace services we offer are:

  • ecommerce consultation

    Marketplace and eCommerce Consultation

    Ensure of how to proceed and succeed with an online marketplace? 18th DigiTech consultation services guide you on the potential of a marketplace for your brand, and how you can achieve desired results.

  • ecommerce designing

    Marketplace Design & Development

    If you have an online marketplace concept in mind, our designing and development services convert it into reality. The 18th DigiTech team designs and develops a capable and efficient online marketplace for your brand.

  • complate development

    Marketplace CX Transformation

    For any eCommerce website, the customer experience is of vital importance. Our marketplace CX transformation services focus on auditing and enhancing the CX your online marketplace offers, to increase conversions, sales, and retention.

  • UX revision

    eCommerce Marketplace Upgrades

    Already have an online marketplace? Consider the 18th DigiTech eCommerce marketplace upgrade services. We improve customer-facing, vendor, and management features and functionalities to drive sales and increase engagement, both with vendors and customers.

  • marketplace

    eCommerce Marketplace Support and Maintenance

    A live online marketplace needs reliable support for optimum performance. At 18th DigiTech, we offer dedicated eCommerce marketplace support and maintenance services to routinely update your site, along with 24/7 availability for problem resolution.

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Let’s Rehash

An online marketplace gives you a big boost in the eCommerce ecosystem, enabling you to offer customers multiple brands, sellers, and vendors. Inherently customisable, you can adapt the marketplace to suit any niche or category of customers. Easy to manage and an all-in-one solution for customers, eCommerce marketplace platforms are on the rise.

18th DigiTech understands the intricacies involved in creating a powerful eCommerce marketplace. Incorporating latest trends and technologies, we provide you with a marketplace solution that is customised and targeted for your customers. An online marketplace platform can be a successful venture in itself, or an addition to an independent eCommerce website.

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Why 18th DigiTech for Marketplace Solutions?

  • 11+ Years of Experience
  • 150+Technical Expertise
  • 350+Customised Implementations
  • adobe solution partner
  • Adobe Commerce Professional
  • Adobe Commerce Expert
  • Adobe Commerce Master

Make your mark with an appealing and efficient marketplace solution from 18th DigiTech. Provide customers with a one-stop shopping destination for your niche and achieve sustainable growth. For a free, expert, and no-commitment discussion, contact us today.