Digital Marketing & Automation Services

Digital Marketing Services

Streamline and optimise your marketing operations with automation. Our personalised campaigns are designed to connect you with the leads that are most likely to yield results and drive engagement. Utilising actionable data insights, we enable you to more impactfully target individual prospects for higher conversions and long-lasting customer loyalty.

Our marketing automation strategy at focuses on building a suitable framework to identify, nurture, and convert leads. By prioritising user interests, needs, and behaviours, we cultivate leads seamlessly, so that you can concentrate on core business operations.

Attract New Customers, Enhance Existing Relationships

Bridging the gap between you and your target customers has never been easier. Our marketing strategies focus on customer acquisition and retention to support your business growth, sales, and brand building cohesively. At 18th Digitech, our professional team implements the best targeting and engagement tools to inspire new customer relationships that are most suited for your business.

Existing customers are a valuable resource, and through data-driven campaigns we subtly yet effectively encourage further repeat purchases while enhancing the overall brand-customer relationship. By incorporating the behavioural data collected on customers through automation, our campaigns offer excellent results, giving you greater value for your budget. Our retention strategies and practices ensure long-term relationships with customers, benefitting you and them.



  • Connect Through Content

    Attract and impress prospective customers with highly optimised content to start the sales funnel, bring them closer to checkout, and speed up conversions.

    • Content Auditing & Optimisation
  • Advertise your way to higher ROI

    Maximise your ad spending with proven advertising platforms that increase your reach, boost conversions, and improve brand visibility, giving you a better ROI.

    • Advertising on Digital Channels & Platforms
  • Create a Positive Social Impact

    Establish your social media presence across platforms to gain prominence and encourage customer interactions with relevant and engaging social media content and posts.

    • Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Turn interactions into sales

    Capitalise on customer interactions by converting them into sales with personalised and automated campaigns for a better ROI and increased loyalty.

    • Customer Engagement Automation
  • Build trust around your brand

    Redefine your brand identity and build trust by implementing an innovative and data-backed marketing strategy to appease disgruntled customers and enhance brand image.

    • Reputation Intelligence


  • Align Sales & Marketing

    Gain better understanding of your marketing-to-sales funnel, and improve the customer nurturing process by identifying and streamlining bottlenecks.

  • Improve Multi-Channel Marketing

    Increase your visibility and sales potential through multi-channel marketing, enabling target customers to reach you from different online and offline avenues.

  • Close Sales Faster

    Improve the speed of sales and conversions by guiding customers throughout their purchasing cycle, quickly converting qualified leads into sales.

  • Monitor & Progress

    Review and revise campaigns for better success through insightful and actionable analytics, reports, and end-to-end transparency on campaign performance and profits.


At 18th Digitech, our objective is to help you achieve your business goals by building a competitive advantage online. By integrating digital intelligence and technology into your business processes, we empower you to succeed.

Our digital marketing professionals and automation specialists are carefully chosen and work together to provide you with a holistic solution tailored to your business needs. Every step of the process is taken with your active participation and approval, from strategy to implementation, optimisation and reporting. Once the marketing strategy is live, our adaptive framework gives you complete access to powerful analytics and reporting, so that you can directly detect issues, resolve them, and improve.


Ready to automate your marketing operations?