B2B eCommerce Services

Specialised B2B eCommerce Services

The popularity of B2B eCommerce is on the rise, offering immense potential to wholesalers and distributors. Choose 18th Digitech to design, develop, and launch a B2B eCommerce website that is primed for success, and built according to your vision. There are clear distinctions between B2B and B2C eCommerce, and our B2B eCommerce solutions are designed specifically for sales to other businesses and high-volume purchases. At 18th Digitech, we offer B2B eCommerce solutions with leading platforms like Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) and BigCommerce.

A B2B eCommerce website is an excellent way to mark your presence as a B2B seller, and gain a steady stream of customers. Our team of capable designers and developers, experienced in Magento and BigCommerce, can develop a new B2B eCommerce site to suit your vision. For an existing B2B website, we can migrate your site to more functional and user friendly platform, or add B2B functionalities to a B2C eCommerce site. A successful B2B eCommerce site needs vision, creativity, adequate development, performance, and support. If you have an offline B2B business you want to support, a B2C eCommerce site you want to expand, or even if you just have a great B2B idea, let’s talk.

Why B2B eCommerce Services

There are many differences between B2B and B2C eCommerce sites, ranging from different target customers and purchasing volumes, to different formats of transactions. The look and feel of B2B eCommerce sites need to be unique and their functionalities need to be aimed at supporting business purchases. Opting for B2C development for a B2B eCommerce site generally gives poor results. At 18th Digitech, we offer specialised B2B eCommerce services that are specific to your niche, and designed to appeal to your customers.

Benefits of B2B eCommerce Services are:

  • Targeted for B2B Customers:

    In B2B sales, your customers are other businesses and companies. We understand that the sales cycle tends to be longer, with a lengthier lead to conversion time period, and often multiple rounds of approval before purchase. With our B2B eCommerce services, your eCommerce platform specifically targets your desired customers, keeping in mind their preferences and purchasing behaviours.

  • Easy to Manage:

    Regardless of the category of customers you cater to or the products you offer, the eCommerce site needs to be easy to manage. Our B2B eCommerce services customise the frontend and backend of your eCommerce website, incorporating desired integrations for easy operations and management. An efficient site with simple management enables you to focus on growth and sales.

  • Comprehensive Customer Accounts:

    As businesses are your customers, the customer accounts should accordingly be adapted to facilitate secure access of desired users. By setting up a comprehensive system for customer accounts you can decide the features and functionalities you want to offer. With our B2B eCommerce services, we can setup protocols for approval workflows, repeat orders, and bulk orders.

  • Dedicated Storefronts:

    Unique and specialised storefronts for different categories of products, regions, product lines, and customer segments give you the power of multiple eCommerce stores with a single admin management. Our B2B eCommerce services setup dedicated storefronts as required to cater effectively to a wider range of customers. By offering targeted storefronts, you can increase sales while maintaining low operational costs.

  • Robust Security:

    For any eCommerce business, security is vital, and its importance is even more paramount in B2B sales, when higher costs are involved. B2B eCommerce services focus on providing robust security and infrastructure. All sensitive details entered by customers are protected, and various user roles are configured to give customers greater control over access to data.

  • Customisable Sales Process:

    The sales process for B2B merchants is vastly different from that of B2C businesses. Our B2B eCommerce services customise your sales processes to meet your needs and the preferences of your customers. We setup intuitive product catalogues, flexible pricing systems, quotation requests, suitable payment options, pre-ordering features, convenient shipping, and other functionalities you choose to offer.

  • Business Intelligence:

    Reporting and analytics are a massive asset for any eCommerce business, providing deep insights that can be leveraged for greater success. As a part of our B2B eCommerce services, our team configures business intelligence, reporting and analytics for your B2B eCommerce website. All reports are customised as per your preference so that you can directly view desired metrics.

  • Integration for Hybrid eCommerce:

    B2B and B2C, why choose just one? Maximise your sales potential by supporting B2B and B2C with hybrid eCommerce. At 18th Digitech, we can create dedicated storefronts for B2B and B2C eCommerce, each with suitable specialised features, and a single cohesive backend. As a result, you can offer dedicated B2B and B2C features, while managing only one eCommerce platform.

Adobe eCommerce B2B

A leading eCommerce platform worldwide, Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Commerce) offers dedicated features and solutions for B2B eCommerce, and hybrid eCommerce. An open-source platform written in PHP and owned by Adobe, Magento’s massive customisation potential extends to B2B sites. At 18th Digitech, we hold years of experience in working with the Magento platform and can create a feature-rich B2B eCommerce site that meets your expectations. Combining aspects of its traditional successful eCommerce platform with specialised B2B sales features, Magento Commerce B2B comes with a wide range of excellent features.

Top features are:

  • Straightforward Management:

    The entire Magento B2B site can be managed from a single panel and integrated with existing tools, systems, and solutions, such as CRM or ERP.

  • Unified Inventory:

    Maintain a unified inventory system across multiple locations and with several sales channels for overall efficient inventory management, with accurate real-time updates.

  • Customer Segmentation:

    Provide customers with personalised experiences by setting up segmentations in advance based on browsing or purchasing history, and demarcating corresponding user experiences.

  • Set Credit Limits:

    B2B customers often purchase against credit amounts. Set suitable credit limits for reliable customers to enable faster purchasing within the credit limit.

  • Quotation System:

    Offer customers the option to request quotations through the quotation system and continue with their shopping, while you respond to the quotation request.

  • Approval Workflow:

    Support the traditional B2B purchasing approval system by using Magento to configure automated approval workflows based on product, value, and designated approvers.

  • Fast Orders:

    Speed up the typically slow B2B purchasing timeline by providing customers with everything they need including order forms, tracking quotes, purchasing requests, and customer support.

  • Search Past Orders:

    Any customer can view all of its previously placed orders, giving them full control and transparency, and making it easy to place repeat orders.

BigCommerce B2B

An eCommerce platform available as a Software as a Service (SaaS), BigCommerce is known for its user-friendly online stores. Gaining immense popularity over the years, BigCommerce is quick to setup and simple to maintain. With extensive experience in BigCommerce, our team at 18th Digitech can fully customise the BigCommerce platform to create a B2B eCommerce site targeting your customer group. For B2B merchants, there is BigCommerce B2B Edition, a packaged offering of BigCommerce Enterprise and B2B bundles with specialised B2B features and the same easy to use operationality.

Top features are:

  • Corporate Account Management:

    Setup and manage corporate accounts on your B2B eCommerce site with multiple tiers of buyers, each with pre-determined roles and permissions for greater clarity and convenience.

  • Invoice Portal:

    A dedicated invoice portal is available that can manage customer invoices and payment modes such as credit card, purchase order, ACH, or other payment methods.

  • Saved Shopping Lists:

    Save and manage multiple shopping lists of customers for future use, to seamlessly repeat previous purchases and saved products for faster and easier ordering.

  • Visibility Control for Payment Methods:

    Choose and display suitable payment methods for customers, by adding, editing, showing and hiding approved payment modes for each individual customer.

  • Access as a Sales Representative:

    Simplify shopping for customers by logging in on behalf of a company to access shopping lists, add to cart approved products, and complete order placements.

  • Quoting:

    For B2B sellers, personalised quotes are expected. With BigCommerce B2B Edition, create a quote for specific customers and modify requests for quotes placed by buyers.

  • Buy Again:

    Encourage repeat purchases for customers by making it simple to buy again. Provide company users with access to company-level previously purchased products with company-specific base prices.

  • Support B2C Customers:

    Expand your reach by enabling guests and B2C users to apply for corporate accounts if they are interested in purchasing from your B2B eCommerce website.

B2B Development Services We Provide

Every B2B eCommerce website is unique, and we treat each merchant as an individual project with customised services. Our capable team of analysts, designers, developers, and solution specialists have experience in both Adobe Commerce (Magento) and BigCommerce. As per your need and preference, you can combine desired B2B eCommerce services into a custom solution.

Our B2B services include:

  • Creative Strategising

    At the core of a successful B2B eCommerce website is a sound strategy. Whether you have a basic ideal or a detailed plan, the 18th Digitech team helps in preparing a strategy that is suited for the industry and niche. Accordingly, a plan of action is created and suitable technologies and eCommerce platform is chosen.

  • Careful Designing

    Create a lasting impact on customers from the first impression of your B2B eCommerce website. Our designing services are available for Magento and BigCommerce B2B eCommerce sites. We provide detailed and customised visual layouts and website designs that combine aesthetic appeal with functionality and reflect your brand identity.

  • Robust Development

    A robust, feature-rich, and fully secure B2B eCommerce website is created by our team on your desired platform; Magento or BigCommerce. Our developers complete the coding, development and testing process to create a suitable B2B eCommerce site. A B2B storefront can also be developed and setup for an existing B2C eCommerce site.

  • Seamless Migration

    If you currently have a B2B eCommerce website and are not satisfied with its performance, consider migrating. The 18th Digitech team can seamlessly migrate an existing B2B eCommerce site onto Magento or BigCommerce platforms. With minimal downtime, we carefully import all the data, and you can retain the old design or choose a new look.

  • Integrations & Extensions

    Magento and BigCommerce both have excellent support for integrations and extensions. After understanding your needs, our developers configure the desired integrations and extensions. From additional payment modes and inventory management to localised shipping methods and extra storefronts, we setup the functionalities that you can benefit from.

  • Reliable Support Services

    To offer your customers seamless service, your B2B eCommerce site needs to have reliable support. At 18th Digitech, we provide maintenance and support services for Magento and BigCommerce, with platform-specific updates, and 24/7 emergency support. Let us handle the aftercare, maintenance and support, so you can focus on growth.

  • SEO & Digital Marketing

    A powerful B2B eCommerce website still needs to reach target customers to bring in sales. Our SEO and digital marketing services are data-based and utilise latest search engine trend and technologies to drive conversions for your B2B online store. Backed by an experienced team, we customise digital marketing and SEO services based on your niche.

Why Hire us for B2B eCommerce Services

The success of your B2B eCommerce business depends upon the quality of your B2B eCommerce site. As a Professional Magento Solution Partner and BigCommerce Partner, we bring to you, excellent capabilities for both platforms. At 18th Digitech, we have delivered more than 150 successful eCommerce projects across industries, in our over 9 years of hands-on experience in developing end-to-end eCommerce solutions.

With customised B2B eCommerce services tailor-made to suit your needs and goals, we create suitable B2B eCommerce solutions that are effective and functional. By leveraging our experience, we develop B2B eCommerce websites that suit your target customer group and can keep up with your competitors. Additionally, 18th Digitech also offers dedicated maintenance and support services for both platforms, and result-oriented digital marketing services.

Here are some reasons why you should work with us:

  • End-to-End eCommerce Solutions with Dedicated B2B eCommerce Services:

    Anything you may need to launch an eCommerce website can be found at 18th Digitech

  • Multiple Industry Experience and Comprehensive Market Research:

    By combining our extensive multiple industry experience and comprehensive market research we bring you effective eCommerce solutions

  • Customer-Centric Approach with Full Transparency:

    Our first priority are our customers, and all eCommerce services take place with full transparency and punctuality

  • Creative Strategising and Implementation of Latest Technologies:

    By leveraging our creativity and technical knowledge, we provide you with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions

  • Specialised Teams for Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) and BigCommerce:

    With dedicated and certified teams for Magento and BigCommerce, whichever platform you choose, you can expect robust capabilities

  • Customised Services:

    At 18th Digitech, we offer fully customisable services that are designed to match your needs and meet your preferences

Our Process

Our B2B eCommerce services process has been carefully designed to provide you with quality services on a clearly communicated timeline. The 18th Digitech B2B eCommerce process is adapted to suit each individual project, and the services required. Here is a behind the scenes view of our general B2B eCommerce process:

  • Step 01 Research & Planning

    The B2B eCommerce services process begins with in-depth research into your project, target audience, niche, and competitors. Through detailed meetings and brainstorming sessions, we identify the key components of your final B2B eCommerce website. A dedicated project manager is assigned as a single point of contact for you, and we incorporate all your inputs. Accordingly, an in-depth plan is prepared with clear timelines and deliverables. We guide you in choosing a suitable eCommerce platform that can meet your needs.

  • Step 02 Designing

    Based on our detailed plans, and the brand image you desire, we create suitable B2B eCommerce website designs. The visual impact of your eCommerce website produces the first impression in minds of customers. As the purchasing intentions and buying habits of B2B and B2C customers vary, we focus on designs that appeal to your target audience. The designing includes overall detailed visual layout, static pages, product pages, and category pages. If you have an existing B2C eCommerce site, we can design a compatible B2B visual aesthetic.

  • Step 03 Development

    A suitable development team for Magento or BigCommerce is allocated to your project to begin building and encoding your B2B eCommerce site. Designs approved by you are converted into an operational online store, fully equipped with the features, functionalities, and integrations desired. Our developers configure the cloud environment for your chosen platform, and complete the coding including HTML, CSS, and JS development. The B2B eCommerce site is optimised for all browsers and devices. Our dedicated QA team conducts comprehensive testing throughout to maintain ideal quality standards.

  • Step 04 Delivery

    Once development of the B2B eCommerce site is complete, the 18th Digitech team conducts another rigorous round of testing, checking for any issues with appearance, usability, accessibility and performance. All desired customisations are double checked and B2B-specific features are verified. We provide dedicated guidance and training to you and your team on operating the new B2B eCommerce website. Meeting all your requirements, best practices for the chosen platform, and our expectations, the completed B2B eCommerce site is delivered to you, ready for launching and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is a B2B eCommerce site suitable for?

Answer:Everyone! A B2B eCommerce site is a great business option that can be easily setup by anyone with a useful business idea and adequate supply. These sites are an effective option for wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, B2C sellers, and any other business with a bulk inventory system. Launching and maintaining a B2B eCommerce site is a simple process, although it can take time for your prominence and sales to grow. If you have reliable suppliers that can provide products in bulk, you can explore setting up a B2B eCommerce website. In comparison to offline stores, a B2B eCommerce website is easier to manage and involves lower expenses.

Q2: How is a B2B eCommerce site different from B2C?

Answer: There are vast differences between B2B and B2C eCommerce sites because of the differences in customer group, buyer behaviour, purchasing patterns, and transaction volumes. A B2B eCommerce website is designed to cater specifically to businesses and bulk purchases. Dedicated B2B features include corporate accounts, customisable prices, quotation systems, approval workflows, suitable payment modes, and bulk shipping options. Since the purchasing cycle tends to be longer in B2B sales, the eCommerce site needs to provide consistent performance from the time of lead generation to final conversion.

Q3: Which eCommerce platform is suitable for B2B eCommerce?

Answer:Both Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) and BigCommerce are popular options for B2B eCommerce, and they each offer dedicated features for B2B eCommerce sites. While Magento is open source and offers greater customisation support, BigCommerce is available as SaaS and has a quicker turnaround time. Although Magento and BigCommerce are both scalable, BigCommerce will require switching between subscription packages. Integrations and extensions are supported by both Magento and BigCommerce. Ultimately, the decision of which eCommerce platform to choose for B2B eCommerce will depend upon your goals, needs, and preferences. Our team at 18th Digitech can help you understand the nuances of each platform so that you can make the right choice for your brand.

Q4: Do I need a B2C eCommerce site for B2B eCommerce?

Answer: No. B2B eCommerce can be setup independently without an existing B2C eCommerce site. Depending upon your business goals, you can choose to integrate the B2B eCommerce website with offline stores, or solely offer online services. If you already have a B2C eCommerce site, or are planning to expand, the B2C and B2B eCommerce sites can be integrated in the form of hybrid eCommerce. Additional storefronts can be created for B2C or B2B sales, with a single unified management system.

Get in touch!

Do you have an idea for a B2B eCommerce site? Do you want to expand B2C capabilities to support B2B sales? Do you want to improve an existing B2B eCommerce site? Let’s talk. Our experienced team is available to discuss your B2B and B2C eCommerce needs and to find a suitable solution for you.