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b2b eCommerce Services

The demand for B2B eCommerce is increasing and offers a huge opportunity for distributors and wholesalers. Select 18th Digitech to create, design and launch a B2B eCommerce website that is ready to succeed and designed in accordance with your goals. There are distinct distinctions between B2B and eCommerce. B2B eCommerce services are created specifically for sales to other businesses as well as large-volume purchases. At 18th Digitech, we offer B2B eCommerce solutions that utilise the most popular platforms such as Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) and BigCommerce.

A B2B eCommerce website is a great option to advertise your business as a B2B vendor and attract a steady stream of buyers. Our team of skilled developers and designers with experience working with Magento and BigCommerce can create an entirely new B2B eCommerce site to meet your demands. If you already have a B2B site, we can move your website to a more efficient and user-friendly platform. We can also include B2B features in an existing B2C eCommerce website. An effective B2B eCommerce website requires vision, imagination, development, performance, and support also. If you've got an offline B2B business you want to support, a B2C eCommerce site that you wish to grow, or in the case you have an excellent B2B concept, we'll discuss it.

Why B2B eCommerce Services

There are differences in B2B compared to B2C eCommerce sites, which range from different customers' preferences and buying volumes to the different formats of transactions. The design and appearance of B2B eCommerce websites should be distinctive, and their functions must be targeted toward supporting business purchases. The choice of B2C development for a B2B eCommerce site typically yields disappointing results. At 18th Digitech, we offer specialised B2B eCommerce services tailored to your industry and specifically designed to appeal to your clients.

The advantages of B2B eCommerce services are:


    For B2B sales, your clients are businesses and other companies. We recognise that sales cycles tend to be lengthier , with more time between the time of conversion and usually several rounds of approval before the purchase. Through our B2B eCommerce services, the eCommerce platform is specifically targeted at your ideal customers while keeping their preferences and purchase behaviours at the forefront.

  • Easy to Manage:

    Your eCommerce website must be manageable no matter what type of customer you serve or what type of products you offer. Our B2B eCommerce solutions can customise the back end and front-end of your eCommerce site and incorporate the desired integrations to facilitate operation and management. A simple and efficient website with easy management allows you to focus on sales growth and growth.

  • Comprehensive Customer Accounts:

    Businesses are your customers, and your customer accounts must be adjusted accordingly to enable the safe access of desired users. You can choose the features and functions you wish to provide by creating a complete customer account system. Through B2B eCommerce services, we can create processes for approval workflows, repeat orders or bulk purchases.

  • Dedicated Storefronts:

    Unique and customised storefronts for various categories of goods, product lines, regions and customer segments allow you to manage multiple eCommerce sites under one administration. Our B2B eCommerce solutions set up special storefronts that provide a more comprehensive variety of customers. Targeted storefronts can increase sales and keep operating costs low.

  • Robust Security:

    For any eCommerce business, security is essential, and the importance of security is more important in B2B sales when greater costs are associated. B2B eCommerce services concentrate on providing a secure and robust infrastructure. Customers' sensitive information is secured, and different user roles can be set to allow users more control over who can access information.

  • Customisable Sales Process:

    The selling procedure of B2B merchants is quite different from B2C companies. Our B2B eCommerce solutions can tailor your sales processes to suit your requirements and your customers' preferential needs. We design and implement elegant product catalogues and flexible pricing systems. We also provide a request for quotations, acceptable payment options, pre-ordering options, easy shipping, and other functions that you choose to offer your customers.

  • Business Intelligence:

    Analytics and reporting can be huge assets for any eCommerce company and provide deep insights that can be used to gain better performance. As an element of our B2B eCommerce services, our team can set up business intelligence, reports and analysis for your B2B eCommerce site. Each report is customised to your preferences to allow you to view your desired metrics right away.

  • Integration for Hybrid eCommerce:

    B2C and B2B, why should you choose only one? Maximise your sales by integrating B2C and B2B with a hybrid eCommerce. At 18th Digitech, we have the ability to build special storefronts specifically for B2C and B2B eCommerce, each equipped with specific features and a unifying backend. You can provide specialised B2C and B2B functions and manage just an eCommerce site.

Adobe eCommerce B2B

A top eCommerce platform in the world, Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Commerce) has specialised features and solutions specifically designed for B2B eCommerce and hybrid eCommerce. Magento's huge customisation capabilities extend to B2B websites as an open-source platform developed in PHP and operated by Adobe. At 18th Digitech, we have a decade of experience working on Magento. Magento platform can design an eCommerce website for B2B that is feature-rich and exceeds your expectations. By combining elements of its popular eCommerce platform with its specialised B2B-specific sales features, Magento Commerce B2B has an array of excellent features.

The main features include:

  • Straightforward Management:

    The entire Magento B2B website can be managed through a single panel linked to existing tools, systems, solutions, and tools, such as ERP or CRM.

  • Unified Inventory:

    Create a scalable unified inventory system across multiple locations and use a variety of sales channels to ensure efficient inventory management with precise live updates.

  • Customer Segmentation:

    Give customers personalised experiences by establishing segmentations in advance based on the purchase history or browsing history and defining the corresponding user experience.

  • Set Credit Limits:

    B2B customers typically purchase with a credit amount. Establish appropriate credit limits for reliable customers to allow quicker purchases within the limits of credit.

  • Quotation System:

    Customers can choose to request quotes through the quotation system and then continue shopping as you reply to the quotation request.

  • Approval Workflow:

    Supports the traditional B2B purchasing approval system by using Magento to set up automated approval workflows based upon values, products, and the designated approvers.

  • Fast Orders:

    Accelerate the normally slow purchasing process for B2B by offering customers everything they require, such as order forms, tracking quotes, purchase requests, and customer service.

  • Search Past Orders:

    Every customer can view their previously placed purchases, giving the customer total control and transparency, making it simple to make repeat orders.

BigCommerce B2B

An eCommerce platform available in the form of a Software as a Service (SaaS), BigCommerce is well-known for its user-friendly online stores. Growing in popularity over time, BigCommerce is quick to establish and maintain. With years of experience in BigCommerce, our experts at 18th Digitech can fully customise the BigCommerce platform to build a B2B eCommerce website that targets your customers. For B2B-oriented merchants, there's BigCommerce B2B Edition, a package consisting of BigCommerce B2B and Enterprise bundles that include B2B-specific features and the same user-friendly functionality.

The most prominent features include:

  • Corporate Account Management:

    Create and manage accounts for corporate clients in your B2B eCommerce site, which has multiple levels of purchasers, each having pre-determined roles and authorisations to provide greater transparency and ease of use.

  • Invoice Portal:

    An invoice-specific portal is a way to manage customer invoices and payment options like credit cards, purchase orders, ACH, or any other payment method.

  • Saved Shopping Lists:

    Manage and save multiple shopping lists of customers ' for future reference, allowing them to seamlessly repeat purchases and save items for speedier and simpler shopping.

  • Visibility Control for Payment Methods:

    Select and display appropriate payment options for customers by editing, adding, displaying and hiding the approved payment methods for each customer.

  • Access as a Sales Representative:

    Make shopping easier for customers by signing on for the company to browse the shopping list, add the approved items to the cart, and finish order placings.

  • Quoting:

    For B2B sellers, personalised quotes are demanded. When using BigCommerce B2B Edition, create an individual quote for customers, and alter the requests for quotes submitted by buyers.

  • Buy Again:

    Incentivise customers to purchase more frequently by making it easy for customers to purchase again. Give company users access to products previously purchased by the company with base pricing specific to the company.

  • Support B2C Customers:

    Enhance your reach by allowing visitors and B2C users to sign up for corporate accounts when they are interested in buying through your B2B eCommerce site.

B2B Development Services We Provide

Each B2B eCommerce website is unique, and we treat every business as an individual venture with customised services. Our skilled team of analysts, developers, designers, and solution specialists are experienced in both Adobe Commerce (Magento) and BigCommerce. You can combine your desired B2B eCommerce solutions into a custom solution tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Our B2B services include:

  • Creative Strategising

    A well-planned strategy is the heart of the success of a B2B eCommerce site. If you've got a simple concept or a more detailed strategy that you want to implement, the 18th Digitech team will help you develop an approach that is appropriate for your business and market. This way, a strategy is developed, and appropriate technology and eCommerce platform are selected.

  • Careful Designing

    Make a lasting impression on the customers starting from the very first glance on your eCommerce B2B site. Our designing services are offered to Magento and BigCommerce eCommerce B2B websites. We offer detailed and customised visual layouts and web design that blend aesthetics with the functionality of your site and convey your brand's identity.

  • Robust Development

    Our team designs a sturdy, feature-rich, fully secured B2B eCommerce site on the platform of your choice from Magento or BigCommerce. Our developers finish developing, coding and testing to create an eCommerce site suitable for B2B. A B2B storefront could also be created to complement the existing B2C eCommerce website.

  • Seamless Migration

    If you're currently running an existing B2B eCommerce website and unhappy with its functionality, think about switching. The 18th Digitech team can seamlessly transfer your existing B2B eCommerce website to Magento or BigCommerce platforms. With minimum downtime, we'll carefully transfer all of the information, and you can keep the original design or opt for an entirely new design.

  • Integrations & Extensions

    Magento and BigCommerce both offer excellent support for extensions and integrations. After analysing your requirements, our experts set up the integrations and extensions you want. From more flexible payment options and inventory management to localised shipping methods and additional storefronts, we design the features you can profit from.

  • Reliable Support Services

    Your B2B eCommerce site must have solid support to provide your customers with seamless service. At18th Digitech, we provide maintenance and support to Magento and BigCommerce with platform-specific updates and 24/7 emergency assistance. Let us take care of maintenance, aftercare and support so you can concentrate on growing your business.

  • SEO & Digital Marketing

    A strong B2B eCommerce site still requires reaching out to customers who are looking to generate sales. Digital marketing and SEO solutions are based on data and utilise the most recent trends in search engine optimisation and techniques to boost conversions for your online B2B store. Supported by a knowledgeable team who can tailor SEO and digital marketing services according to your specific niche.

Why Hire us for B2B eCommerce Services

The success of your B2B eCommerce business is contingent on its quality. B2B eCommerce website. As a professional Magento Solution Partner and BigCommerce partner, we offer you the best capabilities on both platforms. At 18th Digitech, we have completed hundreds of successful projects in eCommerce across various industries over the course of our 9 years of hands-on experience in developing complete eCommerce solutions.

With customised B2B eCommerce solutions designed to meet your specific needs and objectives, we create efficient B2B eCommerce services that are efficient and functional. Utilising our expertise in the field, we design B2B eCommerce websites suited to your customer's needs and can keep pace with your competition. 18th Digitech also offers dedicated maintenance and support for both platforms and results-oriented digital marketing services.

Here are some of the reasons to work in partnership with us.


    Everything you require to start an eCommerce website is available at the 18th Digitech.


    We can bring you efficient online solutions by combining our vast, diverse industry knowledge and extensive market analysis.

  • Customer-Centric Approach with Full Transparency:

    Our top priority is our clients, and all eCommerce services are performed with complete transparency and punctuality.

  • Creative Strategising and Implementation of the Latest Technologies:

    We draw on our imagination and technical expertise to offer the latest technology and creative solutions.


    You are guaranteed robust capabilities thanks to trained and certified teams on Magento and BigCommerce, regardless of the platform you select.

  • Customised Services:

    With 18th Digitech, we provide customised services that meet your requirements and preferences.

Our Process

Our B2B eCommerce has been meticulously developed to offer high-quality services with a clearly defined timeline. This 18th Digitech process can be customised to meet every project's needs and the required service. Here is a quick look at our B2B eCommerce general procedure:

  • Step 01: Research & Planning

    The B2B eCommerce process starts with a thorough investigation of your idea, your target audience, and your competitors' niches. We pinpoint the essential elements of the final B2B eCommerce site through thorough discussions and a brainstorming session. A project manager dedicated to your project will be assigned as your sole point of contact, and we will take all your suggestions. In the end, a thorough plan is developed with clear deadlines and deliverables. We assist you in selecting an appropriate eCommerce platform that will satisfy your requirements.

  • Step 02: Designing

    We design and develop appropriate B2B eCommerce websites with our precise plans and the desired image of your brand. Your eCommerce website's visual appeal is the first impression on customers' minds. Since the buying intentions and purchasing behaviours of B2B and C2C customers differ, we concentrate on creating appealing designs for the target market. The design comprises a comprehensive graphic layout, static categories, and product pages. If you already have a B2C eCommerce website, we can create an appropriate B2B visual style.

  • Step 03: Development

    An appropriate development team for Magento or BigCommerce will be assigned to your project to start designing and programming your B2B eCommerce website. The designs you approve will be converted into an operational online store, complete with all the features, functions, and integrations. Our developers set up the cloud environment to work with the platform you select and will finish the coding, which includes HTML, CSS, and JS development. The B2B eCommerce site is optimised to work with all browsers and devices. The dedicated QA team conducts thorough tests throughout the site to ensure that we maintain optimal quality standards.

  • Step 04: Delivery

    When the design of the B2B eCommerce website is completed, the 18th Digitech team conducts a second thorough round of testing and checks for any issues in appearance usability, usability, accessibility, and performance. Every customisation that is requested is double-checked, and B2B-specific features are confirmed. We offer personalised guidance and training for you and your team members on managing the B2B eCommerce website. B2B eCommerce website. The finished B2B eCommerce site is handed over to you, ready for launch, and our customers can use the site according to your requirements, the best practices of the chosen platform, and our requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who can use a B2B eCommerce website?

Answer:Everyone! A B2B eCommerce website is an excellent business choice that can be set up by anyone with a good business vision and adequate supplies. They are an excellent option for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, B2C retailers, or companies with large inventory systems. Setting up and managing a B2B eCommerce site is simple, but it will take some time for your visibility and sales to rise. If you can find reliable suppliers that can supply goods in bulk, you may consider setting up a B2B eCommerce website. In contrast to offline stores, a B2B eCommerce website is simpler to manage and requires lower expenses.

Q2: What's the difference between a B2B and B2C eCommerce website?

Answer: There are a lot of distinctions between B2B and B2C eCommerce websites because of the different customer groups, buyer behaviour, purchasing patterns, and the volume of transactions. A B2B eCommerce site caters to bulk purchases and businesses. Specialized B2B services include company accounts, customisable pricing, quotation systems, approval workflows, appropriate payment options and large-scale shipping options. Since the buying process tends to be lengthier for B2B sales, eCommerce websites must offer an unwavering performance from the point of lead generation to the final conversion.

Q3: What eCommerce platform is appropriate for B2B eCommerce?

Answer:Both Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) and BigCommerce are well-known options for B2B eCommerce. Furthermore, both offer features specifically designed for B2B eCommerce websites. However, while Magento can be an open-source solution and provides more customisation options, BigCommerce is available as SaaS and comes with a shorter turnaround time. While Magento and BigCommerce are both adaptable, BigCommerce will require switching between subscriptions. Both Magento and BigCommerce offer extensions and integrations. The final decision of the best eCommerce platform to pick for B2B eCommerce is contingent on your needs, goals and preferences. We at 18th Digitech will help you comprehend the specifics of each platform so that you make the best decision for your company's needs.

Q4: Do I require a B2C eCommerce website to sell B2B products?

Answer: No, B2B eCommerce can be created independent of an existing B2C eCommerce website. Based on your company's goals, you may decide to connect the B2B eCommerce into offline shops or only provide online-based services. If you already have an eCommerce B2C website or are planning to build one, your B2B and B2C eCommerce websites can be incorporated into a hybrid eCommerce. Storefronts for additional stores can be built to sell B2B and B2C products by utilising a single unified management system.

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