Awards and credentials

Awards and credentials are a source of satisfaction to us here at 18th DigiTech. They recognise and validate our dedication to work and our constant efforts to provide our customers with the highest quality of service.

We find nothing more pleasing than watching our clients' businesses grow and meet their objectives. It's also great to be acknowledged by the industry's top experts for our efforts and work. Over the years, we've been recognised, awarded and accredited for our eCommerce-related deliverables across various industries, which affirms our proficiency in the field.

18th Digitech wins the "Digital Experience Innovation of the Year" 2022 Award from Adobe

DX Innovation Partner 2022

18th Digitech has been recognised with the Adobe Digital Experience Innovation of the Year Award in the E-commerce Categories for 2022. This award honours 18th Digitech's leading role in creating the power of purposeful connections that Adobe can use to speed up the clients' journey towards gaining value.

Adobe's Digital Experience partner award honour organisations that have made leading contributions to Adobe's business and significantly impacted customer success.

18th Digitech distinguishes itself in this space by outdoing its competitors and generating strong growth. Adobe states that the continuous investment of 18th Digitech in the Adobe Experience Platform has led to the culmination of transformational deals and amazing customer experiences worldwide.

18th Digitech has been an Adobe Gold Solution partner since the year 2018. We collaborate to harness the potential of empathy, emotion and enthusiasm on a large scale. This results in unrivalled customer experiences that boost engagement, loyalty, and business. Adobe and 18th Digitech combine the best data, technology, and innovation to deliver tangible value to their customers, making us one of the best eCommerce solutions providers globally.

Nomination for Spirit of Excellence Award - 2019 by Magento

The Shooting Star Award - APAC, Imagine 2019

It's an honour for the 18th DigiTech to receive the Shooting Star Award at Magento's most prestigious event - Imagine 2019. The award is a recognition of our effort & influence and contribution to the eCommerce industry, as well as our efforts as a Magento partner.

The Shining Star Award is given to the partner who has shown remarkable performance in the areas of technical capability, quality and customer satisfaction through innovation, leadership and promotion of the Adobe ecosystem.

We are proud of our proficient team, dedicated to innovation and assisting our clients in achieving their goals. This recognition has provided us with the knowledge and inspiration to meet our customers' expectations and provide innovative solutions.

Nomination for Spirit of Excellence Award - 2017 by Magento

The year 2017 saw us being recognized for the Spirit of Excellence Award - by Magento, another moment of pride and recognition of our accomplishments being an eCommerce agency. The award nomination was a testament to our consistent performance and steady improvement in areas like the quality of our services and customer satisfaction, leadership & innovation and the promotion of the Magento ecosystem.

The Shooting Star Award - APAC, Imagine 2019

Credentials and Certificates

Certifications and credentials are a constant process at 18th DigiTech, as we continuously enhance our capabilities by using new technologies and skills. A few of our most prestigious certificates are for Magento 2, which recognises our abilities in developing eCommerce platforms that Magento powers.

Magento 2 Certifications

Magento 2 certifications are granted to professionals after they have passed four or more Magento 2 certification exams. These certifications confirm that experts are proficient in how to use the Magento platform.

  • Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer

    Magento 2 Certified Professional Developers can customise Magento 2 source code while following industry best practices to design and build complex and customised eCommerce sites.

  • Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer

    Magento 2 Associate Certified Developers have a lot of experience and know-how of the platform in various areas such as UI changes, database updates, customisation, and modifications to the admin interface.

  • Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer

    Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developers are equipped with the necessary expertise to run, implement, & test code and development within the Commerce Cloud framework.

  • Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

    Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialists have displayed their ability to utilise Magento 2 features and functionalities when combined with best practices to achieve a variety of goals in eCommerce.