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Adobe Experience Cloud Support and Services

To provide clients with an unrivalled customer experience that drives revenue, Adobe Experience Cloud combined several specialisations into one. 18th Digitech is here to help you with each stage in your eCommerce journey with the right Adobe cloud solutions.

Create eCommerce solutions using Adobe Cloud, monitor and improve performance using Adobe Analytics, and expand and grow with Adobe Marketo Engage. With Adobe's well-known name and strengths and tools, the various components combine seamlessly to increase sales.

18th DigiTech utilises Adobe Experience Cloud solutions to build a custom eCommerce website that is prepared to serve customers and achieve success. The full stack of Adobe cloud tools is utilised to create a robust digital infrastructure and optimal customer experience.

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Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento)

Ready to begin your eCommerce journey?

Launching and maintaining an effective eCommerce website is simpler than ever with Adobe Commerce Cloud, formerly Magento Commerce Cloud.

Adobe Commerce Cloud provides fully hosted and customisable eCommerce websites packed with rich features delivering excellent performance. As the online shopping market is increasing rapidly, it is the right time for you to take a giant leap in your business by implementing an eCommerce solution that is a treat for customers.

Being a certified Adobe Gold Partner and Magento Solution Partner, we at 18th Digitech develop and migrate eCommerce solutions based on the powerful Adobe Marketing Cloud platform with technological innovation and expertise. 18th DigiTech assists you in achieving your goals and sustainable growth through eCommerce solutions.

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Interested in an Adobe Commerce Cloud-powered eCommerce transformation? Want to understand how to adapt digital eCommerce solutions for your brand?

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Adobe Analytics

Not getting the results you desire from your eCommerce site?

eCommerce is always changing, and competition is constantly increasing. The most important factor to be successful is to adapt to evolving trends and change customer preferences.

Insights are the initial step towards improvement.

Adobe Analytics is the best-in-class solution that offers live analytics in real-time and precise segmentation reports across multiple channels.

18th DigiTech offers you an up-to-date eCommerce solution that is future-proof. Combining a robust eCommerce site with Adobe Analytics enables you to increase sales and revenues. Our expert Adobe Analytics services examine and improve the results of your eCommerce site.

Create high-value audiences, enhance customer intelligence, incorporate the data of customers into processes for business, perform unending data breakdowns and then implement filters and searches. Each and everything is feasible through Adobe Analytics.

Here are the top benefits that 18th DigiTech offers you through Adobe Analytics:

Web Analytics

Adobe Analytics provides much more than just page views or visits. It lets you analyse customer pathing, video engagement, traffic sources, content efficiency and much more.

18th DigiTech utilises web analytics to optimise your website and processes to ensure higher conversion rates and more engagement.

Market and Channel Analytics

The online shopping experience is expanding beyond the traditional desktop experience and moving to an omnichannel approach. Adobe Analytics enables data integration from almost every channel and provides an overview.

We set up marketing and channel analytics to match your sales channels, assisting you to prioritise channel performance.


Knowing about your customers and understanding their experience with your brand allows you to design a customer experience that converts and keeps.

Adobe Analytics provides insight into every touchpoint customers have on the eCommerce website. 18th DigiTech can help you set up advanced statistics and machine learning to maximise the data attributions.

Predictive Analytics

The insights from data into customers' experiences are helpful, but predictive analysis goes beyond that and helps take action. Assisted by AI and machine learning, predictive analysis can improve business strategies.

18th DigiTech eases the transition into predictive analytics by using Adobe Analytics to discover actionable insight and make predictions.

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Adobe Marketo Engage

Does your eCommerce marketing have a system that is automated and optimised?

Marketing isn't always predictable; it is sometimes costly and complex. However, it doesn't have to be. Adobe Marketo Engage provides AI-driven commerce, marketing, advertising, and analytics solutions. Offering customer experience applications and services to reimagine customer experience management with Marketo Engage.

At 18th DigiTech, we know the importance of providing a great customer experience. To sell products, an eCommerce site must be able to market the customer experience it provides. Our team employs Marketo capabilities to improve your sales, marketing, and customer service management.

With a fusion of marketing and data, Adobe Marketo Engage promotes efficient customer experience management suitable for B2B eCommerce and B2C eCommerce websites. Effective and reliable, Marketo simplifies the eCommerce marketing process, delivering more results for less money.

Here are the ways that 18th DigiTech utilises Marketo Engage to help your eCommerce website:


18th DigiTech utilises Marketo's machine learning and predictive analytics to build an automated personalisation system for its customers.

Cross-Channel Engagement

Connect with customers via different channels like mobile, email &vdesktop notifications, and improve engagement by sending customised messages with 18th DigiTech.

Lead Nurturing & Management

Manage, nurture, and improve leads from inquiry to conversion using 18th DigiTech CRM integrations and automated journey flows.

Account-Based Marketing

18th DigiTech utilises Marketo to deliver innovative account-based experiences that combine with sales to find and engage high-potential customers and accounts.

Marketing Analytics and Measurement

Analysing and studying your eCommerce marketing's impact is made easy with Marketo to provide comprehensive campaigns performance and revenue analysis.

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To build trust with customers, you require an eCommerce platform and tools that you can count on. Adobe Experience Cloud offers everything you require for an efficient eCommerce business, and with 18th DigiTech, it is possible to reap all the advantages Adobe can provide.

18th DigiTech can help you build an efficient eCommerce website using Adobe Commerce Cloud, track the performance using Adobe Analytics, and conduct successful marketing using Adobe Marketo Engage.

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Channelise the full potential and power of Adobe Experience Cloud Services for the most efficient and flexible eCommerce solution with 18th DigiTech.

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