Adobe Commerce Cloud

Are you looking for an enterprise eCommerce solution? Choose Adobe Commerce Cloud

Magento Commerce is now known as Adobe Commerce Cloud, and comes with full hosting on the cloud, and a variety of powerful Adobe tools. Ideal for scalable sites, Adobe Commerce Cloud can grow with your eCommerce business and support it even at enterprise level.

Our team of experienced and certified designers, developers, and eCommerce solution professionals can create your desired custom eCommerce site with Adobe Commerce Cloud. For existing eCommerce sites, we can migrate your brand and data to the Adobe Commerce Cloud. With Adobe Commerce Cloud, you get a scalable and flexible end-to-end infrastructure & platform that can be customised and optimised for better customer service, greater sales, and sustainable growth.

Previously known as Magento Commerce, Adobe Commerce is a fully managed and cloud-based version of the famous Magento Commerce platform, available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). Easy to use, fully customisable and with an abundance of features, Adobe Commerce is an excellent platform of B2B, B2C, and hybrid eCommerce sites.


Why Adobe Commerce Cloud?

For maximum features and capabilities from a Magento platform, Adobe Commerce Cloud is an ideal choice. While Magento is available in Open Source and with independent hosting, Adobe Commerce Cloud, is a paid version with advanced features, greater scalability, and inclusive of cloud hosting.

At 18th Digitech we have extensive experience of designing and developing Magento platforms, and working with designated Adobe tools. Our certified Magento developers can bring to life your vision of your eCommerce site with Adobe Commerce Cloud, creating a personalised eCommerce experience for your customers throughout.

So, why should you choose Adobe Commerce Cloud? Here are some of the benefits:

Popular Magento Features

Adobe Commerce Cloud offers the full range of premium Magento features, including page builder, layouts and themes, SEO, product browsing, checkouts, loyalty programmes, and payments. Other features include site management, inventory management, order management, customer segmentation, promotions, sales channels, PWAs, advanced reporting, and global sales.

Fast Operational Speed

A key advantage of Commerce Cloud is that it supports excellent operational speeds, giving your customers a better shopping experience with faster page loading. With faster site performance, you can increase sales substantially and grow loyalty in customers.


Among the many advantages of cloud hosting with Adobe Commerce Cloud is the reliability it offers for your eCommerce site. In addition, you get support for scalable traffic, disaster recovery, high uptime and availability, and safety from server hardware issues.

Full Security

Security is paramount in eCommerce, and as hackers become smarter, your protection needs to become smarter as well. With Adobe Commerce Cloud, your eCommerce site is completely secure and protected with remote servers. Additional security features can be implemented based on your business needs.

B2B and B2C Support

Adobe Commerce Cloud is equally suitable for B2B and B2C sites, and you can setup separate storefronts for each. Our team can customise Adobe Commerce Cloud for B2B, B2C, or both, and additional capabilities can be supported as and when you decide to expand.

Omnichannel Sales

For maximum sales, your brand needs to be where your customers are – including on social media networks and big marketplaces. While many eCommerce platforms support omnichannel sales, Adobe Commerce Clouds provides a significant boost for faster and easier sales across multiple channels.


Built on the foundations of the open source Magento platform, Adobe Commerce provides access to its source code, making it fully flexible. Our team leverages this flexibility to fully customise your eCommerce site, creating an impactful and striking experience for customers, while giving you desirable functionalities.

Headless Commerce

Expectation of eCommerce customers have evolved over the years, and a successful eCommerce site needs to keep up. Adobe Commerce supports headless commerce, so our team can build your desired eCommerce capabilities, customer experiences, and extensions.


Adobe Commerce Cloud Services We Provide

At 18th Digitech, we understand that for the best results, Adobe Commerce Development services need to be customised to suit each individual business. With the experience and knowledge of our team of certified developers, we offer a range of Adobe Commerce Development services, and can adapt offers to meet your needs.

  • Strategising

    At the heart of every successful eCommerce brand is a sound strategy. While you know best your USP and business plan, 18th Digitech has knowledge of the eCommerce ecosystem, Magento’s capabilities, and Adobe Commerce Cloud’s potential. Use our services at any stage of your eCommerce journey to devise and enhance creative strategies that help you successfully compete in the current eCommerce market.

  • Designing

    Adobe Commerce is immensely versatile, and you have a wide range of pre-made layouts and designs to choose from, and in addition, our team can design a customised layout. Our designing services focus on creativity, look, and feel of the overall eCommerce site, so that you can offer customers an engaging interface that is fully functional. All designing is done keeping in mind mobile device access and compatibility.

  • Custom Development

    A customised eCommerce site is instrumental in standing apart from the crowd, especially if you have a lot of competition. With extensive experience and certification in Magento development, we offer custom development services for creating entire eCommerce sites from start to finish. We also provide custom development for existing sites, integrating new functionalities and designs.

  • Migration Services

    All eCommerce platforms are not created equal and if you are unsatisfied with your existing platform, you can choose to migrate to Adobe Commerce Cloud. Our migration services are designed to offer minimal interruptions to existing live sites, and smooth transfer to a new and customised site. All your data is seamlessly transferred, and the look and design can be retained or revised as per your preference.

  • Upgrades

    Adobe Commerce is regularly upgraded and keeping up with updates is essential in maintaining a future-ready eCommerce site. Our upgrades consider the status of your eCommerce site, and the available upgrades to identify suitable updates for your site, and their priority. Based on your preferences, we upgrade your eCommerce site with minimal interruptions, and incorporate any desired customisations or integrations for better performance.

  • Support and Security Updates

    Every eCommerce site needs to have adequate support and routine updates of all security patches. At 18th Digitech, we offer dedicated support services tailor-made for the platform and your eCommerce site. This support includes proactive, reactive, and responsive support and is available 24/7. Depending upon your eCommerce needs, we can customise a support plan, and identify regular intervals for recommended security updates.

  • SEO and Marketing

    Improve the success and reach of your eCommerce site with specialised SEO and digital marketing services. In addition to Adobe Commerce, we utilise Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Analytics to devise data-based marketing strategies for your eCommerce site. Our digital marketing experts implement SEO tactics directly on the Adobe Commerce platform leveraging its SEO capabilities and execute marketing strategies that help your brand grow.

Why Hire Us for Adobe Commerce Cloud Services

At 18th Digitech, we have over 9 years of hands-on experience in developing end-to-end eCommerce solutions, delivered more than 150 projects across industries, with 350+ happy customers. We pride ourselves for our focus on learning and mastering new technologies that enable us to deliver better results to you.

Our carefully built team comprises of Magento certified developers, Magento 2 certified developers, solution specialists, professional cloud developers, designers, and digital marketing experts. As a Professional Magento Solution Partner, we have a strong foundation in Magento and Adobe, and are capable of efficiently delivering results with complex Adobe Commerce Cloud services.


Our Process

Our Adobe Commerce Development services process is methodical and fully customised to suit your preferences and business needs. By regularly revising our skillset and knowledge, we can offer you the latest Adobe Commerce Cloud technology for your eCommerce site. We maintain complete transparency by always keeping you in the loop. Here is a glimpse into our process:

  • Understanding Your Needs

    Any and every Adobe Commerce Deveopment service, from strategy and design to customisation, development and migration, begins with an in-depth discussion with you and your needs for your eCommerce site. We understand your short-term and long-term goals and identify the services that are best suited for your eCommerce site.

  • Brainstorming and Planning

    Our team conducts thorough research and analysis of your niche and the current market scenario, and brainstorms ideas for your eCommerce site that meet your needs. We plan out in detail the ideal Adobe Commerce solutions for your site, with firm deadlines and results.

  • Execution and Testing

    Once you approve of our plans and share your inputs, it is time for execution. A dedicated team of developers and a project manager are assigned for you, and the designing, development, integration or other required processes begin. Every change and development undergo thorough testing and quality checks.

  • Delivery and Feedback

    The final product and Adobe Commerce Cloud services are delivered to you on-time and fully tested. We provide guidance to your team on operating and manoeuvring any new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Adobe Commerce Cloud the same as Magento?

Answer:Adobe Commerce Cloud refers to what was previously known as Magento Commerce Cloud. It comprises of the Magento Commerce platform with cloud hosting. While Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce Cloud are different, Magento Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce Cloud are the same.

Q2: Can I operate Adobe Commerce Cloud without technical knowledge?

Answer: Yes! Although initial setup can be complex and require trained developers, once the development or migration and integrations are complete, operating and managing the eCommerce site is simple. We provide you extensive training on the Adobe Commerce platform to enable you to run your store seamlessly.

Q3: Is the Adobe Commerce Cloud suitable for smaller eCommerce sites?

Answer: Yes! Adobe Commerce Cloud is highly robust and while it can support large enterprise level eCommerce sites, it is equally suitable for smaller eCommerce sites. Designed to be scalable, Adobe Commerce Cloud grows with your business.


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